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No Labels Please by Laura thomas

by C. John Grom  |  December 12, 2017

In is sad and frustrating that we make a habit of trying to place each other in boxes with labels: Liberal, Conservative, Evil, Stupid, Snob, Deplorable, Entitled…there are many of us who are in the middle, or appreciate aspects of all the political parties. We have just gotten so sick and tired of being labeled one way or the other that we have just shut up and closed up. Social media is fueling the divide by making people so defensive of this ‘all or nothing mindset’. People feel confident in posting comments that they would never say in person and skipping over opposing opinions; where you would not necessary walk away from someone in a face to face conversation. In my opinion, news media has distorted the process of reporting the news with their own underlying belief systems-new is more editorializing than it is factual. There is no fair and balanced ‘see the whole picture’.  ‘most trusted’.  John, I appreciate your efforts to maintain civility in conversation and debate. I hope people will practice listening to hear and (not listening to respond); reading to learn (not reading to defend); and respect for other peoples opinions even if you disagree.



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