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Levels of Civility

by C. John Grom  |  January 27, 2015

Our degree of open-mindedness and intellectual maturity determines how we view the opinions of others.

1)  Do you view the opinions of others to be potentially valid, consider them objectively and allow them to influence your own thinking?

2)  Do you view the opinions of others as rationally and morally sound but directed to an outcome that is counter to what you find acceptable?

3)  Do you view the opinions of others as well intentioned, morally and ethicallly grounded but needing additional information to be rationally sound?

4) Do you view the opinions of others to be based on false information or irrational thinking?

5) Do you refuse to accept any part of another person’s beliefs because you are blinded by your own biases and beliefs or are you possibly a slave to victory?




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