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You have questions, and we have answers – well, most of them, anyway. If there’s something we haven’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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We’re a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) public charity incorporated in the State of Ohio (EIN 46-0658231) for the purpose of promoting civility in politics. We were formed in response to the growing hostility crippling our political process.

We feel Jim Wallis, author and founder/president of Sojourners, said it best in his piece, “A Covenant for Civility:”

“Treating opponents and opposing ideas with contempt has consequences that affect us all. … This lack of civility actually hurts people and damages the democratic process.”

What is “Civility Matters?”Show More

Civility Matters is the online voice of record for Right & Left, Inc., where ideas, information and resources supporting civility can be found and exchanged. It’s just one of the many ways we plan on promoting political civility. Our blog, The Town Crier, is a way for us to provide a real-life example of how effective communication and problem-solving can be when all sides come together to participate in open-minded, civil discourse.

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No. We’re not aligned with any political party, politician or political action committee (PAC). We support only the cause of political civility.

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Ninety percent of your contribution will go directly to support the promotion of political civility in a variety of ways, including advertising, numerous types of media across the online channel, speeches, locally-televised panel discussions, workshops and other methods, such as helping to establish local Right & Left chapters.

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