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Are we a Nation of Racial Cowards?

by John Grom  |  April 8, 2022

Eric Holder, Attorney General under President Barack Obama, stated that “We are a nation of cowards vis-a vis race and that open honest discussion about race relations is necessary.”

There will always be racists in this country. (of all races) If Holder’s objective is to eliminate racism rather than reduce it, he has an unachievable goal. But as often stated recently,”America must not let perfect stand in the way of possible” Holder asserts that open dialog tends to reduce racial separation; he is correct.

Arguably, the largest impediment to open dialog is the practice of labeling anyone in disagreement with one’s position as a racist, sexist or homophobe. Once the label is pronounced the conversation changes from problem solving to self-defense, The issue under discussion remains unsolved, extremism prevails and hate wins.

It’s no wonder then, that good people let the issue of race lie dormant rather than risk being labeled.



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