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Right and Left, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to the promotion of political civility at the grassroots level, with all efforts geared at affecting change toward more effective government. In addition, we hope to inspire voters and potential voters to become a conscience in the political process by holding our public officials to a high standard of civil behavior and a commitment to cooperation, reconciliation and the discovery of common ground.

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Our mission is to work to reduce the political animosity that’s grown to destructive proportions over the last forty years. We’ve seen a shift in political discussion from seeing opponents as merely wrong to seeing them as evil, from viewing them with disdain to something close to hatred. It’s led to severe partisanship, bad legislation and gridlock. We’ve seen a U.S. Congress that exists to be a legislative body become a war zone. We’ve seen individual families split because of an inability to engage in civilized political discussion.

We take on faith that behind all the emotional divisiveness, there’s discernible common ground if we listen to each other in good faith and all sides of the political spectrum care equally about the health, happiness and prosperity of everyone.

We don’t take sides with political parties or issues, nor take a stand on various philosophies of government. Our efforts are aimed at creating civilized political discourse and the discovery of common ground.

We believe civil behavior begins with the way we speak to each other and the way politicians speak to us. We’ll strive to gain broad approval of the voting public with the hope they’ll push for standards of political rhetoric that exclude attacks on opponents while insisting on clear statements of intent as to goals, plans and strategies.

We intend to use the online channel and other mass communication efforts to gain support and a commitment to civilized political behavior, making sure politicians understand negative campaigning and vague statements of intent have political consequences.

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By asking people to commit to supporting and practicing politically-civilized behavior, we hope to begin a movement toward more constructive, cooperative public discourse in conducting the business of state. We believe a reduction in rancor in the public arena will lead to better decision-making, and allow our nation to serve as an example to the rest of the world.

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We’re concerned that at the national, state, city and even familial levels, politics have become so contentious that problem solving and even civil discussions about the issues of the day have become all but impossible. We believe negative political campaigns that lack serious content about a candidate’s intentions stoke the fires of discord and help create further splits among good people.

We believe voters have the right to know the visions and plans of office seekers, and their attacks on each other add nothing of value to the political process.

We believe negative political campaigns exploit erroneous stereotypes voters on the political left and right have of each other, thereby furthering this discord.

We believe our country’s problems and challenges are too serious to entrust to those who engage in the politics of personal destruction rather than presenting specifics of their plans and objectives to voters.

We stand for reconciliation, cooperation, respectful dialog and a commitment to finding common ground.

We stand behind office seekers who give us reasons to vote for them rather than reasons to vote against their opponent.

As voters, we’ll strive to become a more insistent conscience in the political process.

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Gerald E. Ritzman  | Chairman

Gerald Ritzman is chairman of the board and partner of Ritzman Natural Health Pharmacies, Inc. and a member of the Ohio Pharmacists Association, Disease State Management Committee; and the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, Rules Revision Advisory Committee.

Ronald D. Chamberlin  | Vice Chairman

Ronald Chamberlin, Ph.D, is a retired senior electrochemist and former board member of non-profit organizations Danbury Music Centre and Amos House. He’s also an engaged musician, woodworker and photographer.

James Rivers  | Treasurer

James Rivers is a former elementary school principal and a member of the general board of directors of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the U.S. and Canada, the board of directors of Disciples Home Missions and the Ohio Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation Commission.

Thomas L. Hudson  | Board Member

Thomas Hudson is a former retail merchant and elementary and high school principal. In addition, he serves as board chairman for the Wadsworth, Ohio Salvation Army and Summa Health Systems, and former president of the Wadsworth Downtown Merchants Association.

C. John Grom  | Executive Director

C. John Grom is the owner of C. John Grom Executive Search, former director of executive recruitment at Rubbermaid, Inc. and a member of the Wadsworth, Ohio Planning Commission and the Medina County Ohio Republican Central Committee.

Brenda J. Grom  | Board Secretary

Brenda Grom is the former owner of Mrs. Grom’s Preschool, teacher at The Learning Ladder Preschool and director of the First Christian Preschool in Wadsworth, Ohio.

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