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97% of Scientists Agree??

by C. John Grom  |  July 13, 2016

Our President and many others have used 97% repeatedly as the ratio of scientists who agree that man-made CO2 is the chief cause of climate change. Some say it’s all the world’s scientists, others say it’s only climate scientists, others say other things but no one backs it up with a survey or research.

Many agree that the number comes from a study done by Professor John Cook from The University of Queensland, Australia and a group of researchers from the U.S. and Canada.  It can be found on their website,

In their research paper abstract they state how they came up with 97%. They examined 11,944 peer-reviewed climate research abstracts and found that 7,930 took no position on the topic of man-made climate change. They found that 4013 had an opinion and of that 3,894 agreed that man made CO2 is the chief cause of global warming.  So, that’s 97% of 4,013 scientists who had an opinion, agreed that man made CO2 is the chief cause of Global warming.  However, only 32.6% of the 11,944 scientific papers reviewed agreed that man made CO2 is the chief cause of global warming.

Why would anyone use the 97% figure when 32.6% is closer to the truth?  There is little doubt that the Earth is getting warmer.  If the science is clear and beyond question that CO2 from the burning of fossil fuel is the chief cause of climate change, why is it necessary to distort the data?  Just say that 32.6% of 11,944 scientists who wrote research papers on global climate change agree that man made CO2 is the chief cause?

In most discussions or debates on the cause of climate change, the “97% of scientists” claim is intended to seal the deal that man made CO2 is the chief cause.  But the claim is never backed up.  I think it’s high time that the data be produced or the claim stop being made.



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